July 27, 2011

Men's Volleyball Recruiting

Hi, my name is Z.G.  I have came to you before for some volleyball related questions and I just need one more answered. I e-mailed various college head coaches of schools I'm interested in, and none of them answered back. Do college coaches not check their athletic emails during the summer? Or is this normal? I just need to start looking at colleges and would prefer to play volleyball.

Both of your guesses are correct.  Summer is the slower time for Men's College Volleyball; the season ended in May and Men's Volleyball is a winter starting sport, so they don't have the time crunch right now of the Women's Volleyball coaches.  Also, I believe the Men's Volleyball Junior Olympic Championships had just finished, so coaches were on the road.

Remember that college coaches can get hundreds of emails a day and sometimes things just get lost or put on the 'to do later' list.  Men's Volleyball programs don't have the support of Women's, so the coaches can have a much longer list of chores.  Men's Club Volleyball continues to grow all across the country, but there are not increasing college playing opportunities.  This translates into a huge number of PSA's contacting a relatively few number of coaches.

Make sure you broaden your contact list and be sure to include video in your email. No video in an email is like apple pie without the ice cream..you gotta have the ice cream!

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