July 1, 2011

College Volleyball Coach Book Cover

VolleyFolk - Even though I am a few months behind, a first book based upon content from the collegevolleyballcoach.com website is close to being released!!!

My editor has provided a link to the top eight design choices and we wanted your feedback.  Please click the below link to see the cover finalists and give us your vote!


This link will take you to another page which will allow you to vote and make comments upon the cover finalists.  Upon the direction of my editor, the content of the book is not a cut and paste of the site.  Rather, we have culled the most pertinent articles and questions, while updating information where possible, along with organizing the content by topic.  

We will offer the book in print and digital formats, which should allow for various reading styles.   I cannot give you a 'for sure' release date, as we have to pick the cover and finish out some details for the final product, but we are close!

REMEMBER.......make sure you allow your VolleyPSA to REST at the end of the club season for a spell!  I am telling each of my incoming 2011 players that I want them to do nothing for a week after AAU's/J.O.'s; the mind and the body needs to decompress from Volleyball.

I hope your Championship season went or is going well!


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