May 4, 2011

College Volleyball Recruiting Feedback from a VolleyParent


I last wrote in December when DD (2011 recruit) was evaluating offers from a D2 4-year school and JC 2-year schools.  After going over the pros and cons of each offer, your last piece of advice was “wait”.  How right you were.

The D2 school (partial schollie) was not quite right academically, and the JCs (full schollies) were not right geographically, but we were leaning towards the D2 since she loved the coach and it was a 4 year school and she wouldn’t have to go through the recruiting process again in 2 years.  However, we decided to wait and see what the new year brought.  The new year brought a coaching change at the D2 which, had she committed, would have been a disaster.

Instead, in March, 2 schools that hadn’t even been on the radar came in with new hire coaches who both offered her positions.  She found the right school; academically, geographically, playing time, coaching, financially. 

Had she taken the early commitment, she wouldn’t have had the opportunity that she has now.  Thanks for your advice to wait.  And to other parents who are reading this, DON’T PANIC.  I know it seems horrible to be going into the spring of your DD’s Senior Year without signing, but there are plenty of opportunities out there, just be sure you are accepting the right one.

That is great to hear!  It can be unnerving for VolleyFamilies to go into the senior year of club, especially senior spring, and still be looking for that right opportunity.

KS brought up a serious point and one which is becoming more common - Coaching changes. I don't have any statistical data to back this up, maybe Rich Kern does, but my impression is these last couple of years have witnessed ever increasing college coach transitions.

College Volleyball Coaches find themselves in a tough confluence - The economy has provided the excuse for administrators to reduce funding and freeze salaries, all too many coaches do not have contracts and are at the mercy of athletic director whims, travel for recruiting and competition is more taxing than ever, athletic directors no longer control football and basketball so they are more critical of Volleyball and demanding of non-coaching responsibilities (fundraising, community outreach, etc.) and the AVCA provides zero professional punch to ease this equation.

All this adds up to coaching changes and those which are impacted the most, other than the family of the college coach, are the current and incoming players. 

But, enough of my warning of college coaching doom and gloom - Congratulations on your VolleyPSA finding a college home and thanks for the feedback for VolleyFamilies!

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