April 19, 2011

Sports Quote applied to Volleyball?

I was reading an article by ESPN's Bill Simmons about Tiger Woods and since I look through all sporting events and commentary with Volleyball eyes, there was one quote which caught my attention.

"I want my son to know that people screw up, that nobody is perfect, that you can learn from your foibles. I want my son to watch "The Natural" someday, hear Roy Hobbs say, "Some mistakes you never stop paying for," and know that it's not just words in a movie. I want my son to know that you haven't lived until you've fought back, that you haven't won until you've lost, that you can't understand what it's like to relish something until you've suffered, too."

Maybe it was that I like the movie "The Natural", maybe it was that I think Volleyball has gotten too superficial, or maybe that I believe there are reasons to grind through tough times to find that special moment which is lost on all too many players and parents.

As to give proper credit, the entire article by Bill Simmons is here.

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