April 5, 2011

Sending in Questions to collegevolleyballcoach.com

I wanted to remind readers that if you wish to submit a question, please use the collegevolleyballcoach@gmail.com link on the left side bar of the site.  I have started to receive a large number of questions via the Comments box under each post.

Many questions I just answer directly with the readers, instead of posting on line because a quick reply is better or it may be a duplicate question of something I answered a month a go on the site.  When the question comes through the Comments section, I have no way to directly respond to answer your questions because a return email is not listed.

Finally, please be sure to state the year in school of a referenced PSA. The NCAA rules dictate that I cannot interact with VolleyFamilies who have a PSA in their Freshman or Sophomore years of high school.  If your PSA has not entered high school or is a Junior/Senior, then we are good to go. Just make sure you put what year in high school your/the PSA is!

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