April 27, 2011

Lone Star National Volleyball Qualifier - ESPN article

No, ESPN did not do a feature on the Lone Star Qualifier.  As much as I wish I could report such a fantastic happening, the title just reflects two topics of this post.

ESPN reported a New York Times study about universities/colleges forging participation numbers to reach Title IX compliance.  The article is here and it just barely nicks the surface of the iceberg with school feigning compliance to the Federal Law.

On to Volleyball.....A few thoughts about the recently concluded Lone Star Qualifier:

-  You know the feeling when you had one piece of pizza too much?  Even though it was great pizza and you will eat it again, there is just that moment when you realize it was one piece too much.  This is how I felt about the Lone Star Qualifier and by the looks of so many players, parents and coaches, I was not the only one.  Just seemed to be the end of a long season of big tournaments, with so many VolleyFolk running on empty.  Great to be around Volleyball, but just maybe one tourney too much.

-  Thank you to the Lone Star Q organizers for spreading out the playing courts and using more convention space.  Was much easier for everyone to navigate between the courts, plenty of room for seating and lessened the claustrophobic feeling of year's past.

-  My parking location went high tech on me and more expensive.  The southeast side of the Dallas Convention Center facility has a number of self pay lots; this year they were $1.25 on Friday and $5.00 on Saturday/Sunday with an automated machine which accepted credit cards.  Kinda miss the fold and stuff method, but it was nice to get a receipt (every receipt counts in today's economy).  I thought my spot was being used by all the VolleyFolk who remembered my post from last year, as there were many more cars in these lots very early. But, it was just construction workers parking on their way to the job site.

-  Dallas Convention Center food prices are still more than airports, with the exception of the basic necessity - Coffee.  My assistant bought a premade ham sandwich (good old square bread) and a Mountain Dew and it ran $10.00!  At least the Starbucks coffee was $2.00 for a small, but the scone will run you almost $4.00!

-  Cargo shorts and jeans.  Cargo shorts and jeans???  What is up with college coaches?  I still can't wrap my mind around the idea that NCAA DI coaches from major conferences think that wearing cargo shorts and jeans to any Junior Volleyball event, much less a National Qualifier, is acceptable.  I may be the only one on the planet who thinks college coaches should always look professional. For instance, if you are a college coach from a small, private, affluent, academically elite university, then you should look the part. 

-  Interesting to see Junior Boys at the Qualifier. 

-  I enjoy the sport of Volleyball as much as the next VolleyFanatic, yet I can't help but think that maybe Easter weekend is not the best time to hold a Volleyball tournament?

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