April 8, 2011

Local Flavor of Volleyball trips

As many foodies know, each region has its own unique flavor.  I have found without fail, regional food tastes best in that region.  With the mass dissemination of theme restaurants, you can get Tex-Mex in Anchorage but will it not be as good as San Antonio.  

Some of the local flavors I have come to enjoy in my many Volleyball Travels:

Sweet Tea - South Carolina.  Enough sugar to make the spoon stand up.

Plate Lunch - Hawaii; SoCal tries but the tropical air must make the difference. 

Burritos - Los Angeles.  Too many good places to try and pick one and I like mine wet.

Pork Chops - Iowa.  I thought I had eaten pork chops until I had them in Iowa, they are huge!

Coffee - Kona coffee in Hawaii just makes all other java a waste of time.

Fruit -  The Willamette Valley in Oregon; it is unreal the amount of fruits and berries which come from there and they were years ahead of the natural-organic movement.

Calzone - I had one in New Jersey which I have been trying to beat for way too many years.

Fish - Tuna off the docks in the Bahamas.  I guess everything is better fresh, but right off the boat cannot be beat.

Tex Mex - I have eaten my fair share, but the plethora of good places in San Antonio is amazing.

Shrimp Po-Boy - New Orleans, nothing else has been close.

Hamburger (fast food) - In and Out Burger.  Yes it is a cliche, but the place never fails to live up to it's reputation.  That huge sign in Las Vegas is more attractive than any casino jumbo tron!

BBQ - I know I am going to make some enemies with this one, but I like central Texas BBQ over the Carolina version.  I would gladly eat both if offered, but if I had to choose.....it would be the Lone Star State.  

Please don't hesitate to shoot out your favorites via the Comments section!

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