March 30, 2011

Volleyball Lineup Tracker iPhone App

I received the below information from a VolleyFan with regards to an iPhone app they created for a Volleyball Lineup Tracker.  Just to stay clear of any endorsement or conflict of interest, as the developer is a current Club Volleyball coach, I have not viewed or used the below app.  I agreed to present this information just because it can be so hard for VolleyFolks to spread the word about new items if they are not with a giant company.

The developer has asked that if you do use it, please post a review on the iTunes site.


As a Junior Girls' Club Volleyball coach, a programmer friend and I have created a new iPhone app, Volleyball Lineup Tracker, to help coaches with lineups, rotation tracking, and substitutions (a nice upgrade from those plastic rotation locators most of us use today).

We are looking for avenues to get the word out to fellow coaches and were wondering if you would be interested in reviewing it on your blog?

I realize our app is probably more targeted to middle school, high school, and club coaches rather than college, but I know may of your readers are at this level anyway, so hopefully it is still appropriate.  Having never coached at the college level, it is hard for me to know how much this type of app would help, since I would expect players of that age to be much better about staying in rotation and remembering to sub at the right times.

You can find details about the app by searching for Volleyball Lineup Tracker in the App Store or you can also see the description and screen shots at the following link:

Our website, also has some information, but it is pretty basic for now.

Thanks for your time,
VB Lineup Tracker

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