March 21, 2011

More College Volleyball Thanks!

Dear Coach,

I wrote to you early in the fall of 2010 concerning my daughter and the recruiting process. She is junior, had limited club experience and was being recruited by various DI and DII schools.

After the long explanation and scenario, you patiently explained possible outcomes. Then I carefully read and re-read the response but it was one of your last statements that I took to heart! "Relax and enjoy the ride." What a ride it has been too!

We relaxed and enjoyed a fantastic varsity season and a strong start in club volleyball (hopefully finishing strong too). She verbally committed to a university a few weeks ago that is a dream school academically and athletically! After a visit on campus and meeting the coaches, team mates and academic adviser, her response was "chills go down my spine" when I think about playing volleyball here and getting a degree from this university!
My husband and I read through this website several times and wrote our questions and concerns down before the unofficial visit. The coaches were happy to answer them and we felt their responses were genuine and thorough. We would not have known what to ask or what to be concerned about if it wasn't for your help! Thank you and thank you!
Sincerely, T.B.

Great feedback and I am genuinely happy that I was able to assist you and your family in the craziness of College Volleyball recruiting!!!

Congratulations and I hope you enjoy the year's to come!

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