February 8, 2011

Men's College Volleyball Part II

Hello Coach,

Just checked out your website...good stuff. We are the parents of a high school senior, a young man who is 6'7" and 190 pounds of very good athlete. He has focused on football and being a very good quarterback over the years but now is starting to reconsider a decision he made a year or so ago.

A little background.....As a freshman and sophomore, he competed at a different high school here in central Florida on the volleyball team. He was a quick study and became one of the Varsity starters as a sophomore. The team went on to win the state title and complete the perfect season at 30-0. He left that school because a new school was built and unfortunately left volleyball as well.

He is now reconsidering that decision and attending open gym at his high school. The varsity coach noticed his skill quickly and he has had conversation with her about playing volleyball at the next level.

He was asked as a sophomore to try out with a high profile club team but stayed with football. As we begin to research the volleyball recruiting game, I see that most of it occurs at the club level.
Is it too late.....should we search out a club team.....advice?

Confused Parents

1. Not too late, but you need to hustle if you are to find a roster spot for a college team.

2. Go to this link to see every NCAA Men's Volleyball Division I team - http://web1.ncaa.org/onlineDir/exec/sponsorship?sortOrder=0&division=1&sport=MVB and here for Division II - http://web1.ncaa.org/onlineDir/exec/sponsorship?sortOrder=0&division=2&sport=MVB. Please remember that some DII Men's Volleyball teams will play in a DI Men's Volleyball conference.

3. The NCAA caps Men's Volleyball at 4 full scholarships, so the players are usually on a partial scholarship and it tends to be a mix of athletic and academic awards.

4. There are about 80 teams total for Men's Volleyball in DI/II (contrasted with 600 in Women's DI/II Volleyball) - The impact is that there are less roster spots available for Men's Volleyball and securing a spot can be a challenge because there are many, many high school boys playing the sport.

5. I don't know how good your son is in football, but football has 85 scholarships per school in DI and DII also supports a very large number.

6. If the passion is there for NCAA Men's Volleyball, then he would probably be an Outside Hitter because of his height (Middle Blockers in Men's College Volleyball are clocking 6'10"+ now). A club team is paramount if he is going to secure a roster spot and I know Men's Club Volleyball is cranking right now.

7. Go to this link to find Men's Club Volleyball teams in Florida - http://www.usavfl.org/IndoorFP.htm and contact teams asap.

Honestly, he has an uphill battle because of how late he is arriving to the recruiting game and he is directly competing for a college roster spot with players from Southern California, the Great Lakes region and the Northeast - all areas which routinely produce large numbers of talented players.

If you are going to do it, you need to jump off the cliff and go all in.

Good luck.

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