February 17, 2011

College Volleyball Coaching Change

With all the recent coaching changes in women's collegiate volleyball; my question is if a coach recruits a player and that player commits to a university and that coach goes to another school, can they take that player with them? AK

Commit is different from Sign. If a player 'signs' with a school, then they are contractually bound to that institution because of the National Letter of Intent and would not go with the coach to another school (very, very few schools will release a player from their NLI to follow a coach to another school). If a player 'commits', then this is just a verbal commitment and the player is free to do whatever they want.

Then it becomes, does the coach want them to go to new school with them? When coaches switch schools, they arrive into new scholarship availabilities; current open scholarships, anticipated open scholarships, signed players and committed players. In addition, the new coach arrives into new level of player ability requirements. If the coach was at Small State College, but got the job at Giant State U, the playing level is now so much higher that the players she committed at SSC would not be at the level needed at the GSU level.

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