December 27, 2010

Ten College Volleyball Thoughts

1. Russ Rose is a Jedi Master - 3 in a row had never been done and now 4 in a row just to prove a point.

2. I wish the AVCA would actually apply some influence upon the NCAA and have them seed the National Championship 1-64, instead of this regional mis-mash. I would like to know exactly how each of the 64 teams are seeded, instead of 1-16 and VolleyFolk conjuring up the guestimate seeds of the other teams. Not fair to the teams and not fair to the fans.

3. 8 out of 11 Big 10 teams made the NCAA tournament! Amazing and I don't mean in a good way.

4. I get bored after one week of Dead Period and Holiday Vacation.

5. Injuries and Drama - These two are the killers of a good season. One is obvious and painful, while the other can be subtle and there is limited rehab available.

6. Two things you can never have enough of as a College Volleyball team - Passing and Passing.

7. The College Volleyball season is perfectly timed - Start when the thrill of it being summer is gone, regular season is done by Thanksgiving time and the play-offs concluded before Christmas.

8. Because of the economy or because of the excuse of the economy, the haves and have nots in college volleyball have drastically diverged - there will be no Cinderella run into the Final Four of a non-major conference team.

9. Players acting spoiled and immature or parent's acting spoiled and immature? Ask a college coach what is worse.

10. The College Volleyball season begins the first day of the Winter Semester - This is when we start training next season's team, make position adjustments, do last minute recruiting to fill suddenly open spots. People are incorrect when they say the season starts in August, it starts in less than a month.

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