December 9, 2010

NCAA Division I Women's Volleyball Recruiting Calendar

NCAA Division I Women's Volleyball is currently in a Quiet Period until the 14th of December; this is why the stuffed logo shirts are not going to be stalking the courts this weekend.

From December 15th to the 31st, it is a Dead Period for NCAA DI coaches (with the exception of a one day money maker for the AVCA called a combine/showcase at the National Championship).

The Quiet Period comes back into play from January 1st to the 14th - And then, let the recruiting games begin.

If you click here, you will go to the page which lists the dates of the 2010-2011 Women's Volleyball Recruiting Calendar with all Contact, Quiet and Dead periods. Also, if you look to the right sidebar of this page, you will find a Glossary of Terms which provides the exact NCAA definitions of so many recruiting terms.

Hope this information helps a bit to understand some of the recruiting process.

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