October 15, 2010

College Volleyball Coach's Day

So, you ever wonder what a college head volleyball coach does on a typical non-match week day in the season? Your curiosity satiated:

9:30 a.m. Walked into the Athletic Department.
  • Checked voice mails; nothing which could not wait.
  • Assistant coach came in to update me on various recruiting and administrative items.
  • We reviewed last weekend's match stats and exchanged starting line-up thoughts. My OH's are struggling - Can hit, or can pass but can't seem to do both at the same time!
  • Opened delivered mail.
  • Turned on computer and checked e-mails. Slow overnight, only 25 in the que.
  • Shot off hotel rooming list confirmation emails for next week's travel (not this weekend); awaiting reply.
  • Made some hot tea and swiped a granola bar from Assistant's office.
  • Started working on travel itinerary for next week's travel, including detailed itinerary for bus companies.
  • Searched on the internet to find acceptable meal options for team travel. I have grown grumpy as a coach and I don't like to sit at a restaurant for 2 hours trying to get my team fed. Much easier to pre-order or go to more quick oriented eating options.
  • Organized the PILE of papers which I have been putting behind my desk on the floor trying to ignore as much as possible up until today.
  • Talked to Track coach who walked into my office - That is one sport which has NO off season. Think about it - Cross country in the fall, indoor track in the winter, outdoor track in the spring and nationals for outdoor track in the summer. And, it is the same staff of coaches!
  • More work on the computer to arrange travel for next week. Practice time on the road was just changed because of women's basketball practice, so working on adjusted itinerary.
  • Sent out recruiting e-mails to incoming 2011 class and 2012 class. One nice time perk is with the hyper accelerated time frames of recruiting, it is against NCAA rules to contact the 2013 class and we are just about done with our 2012 class.
  • Arranging visit itineraries for 3 PSA's who will be on campus this weekend.
  • Still working on that pile of papers.
  • Where did the last 5 hours go?
  • Printed out practice plan for tonight's practice which I generated last night at home.
  • Wrote check back to school to balance out travel advance check on team trip from 3 weeks ago.
  • Called our equipment person to order more shoes - No answer.
  • SA just walked into my office asking if I was the track coach (common happening). My response is a big smile and "so, are you here to join the volleyball program?" - This seems to momentarily stun them before they ask where the track coach is again.
  • Making that pile of paper smaller - trying to organize all the expense reports to make sure I have been reimbursed for credit card charges while on the road recruiting or with team travel.
  • Called AMEX to pay current month's charges.
  • Called equipment person again, no answer again - Must be out today.
  • Called Assistant coach (hey, why I am in the office and she is out? I must be a good boss) to ask about visiting team practice tonight - they are not taking one (must be confident).
  • Made out my 'to-do' list for next day's office hours.

4:20 p. Left office to go home for a spell. I have been very lucky to have always lived close to the campus of the schools for which I have worked.

7:00 p. Arrived gym for practice.
  • Confirmed that gym has been changed from basketball practice set up to volleyball - Needed to have side baskets removed.
  • Before practice training with one athlete who is coming off of spring shoulder surgery - Starting to have her do some very light hitting and I am focusing on proper technique. Want to use this rehab opportunity to establish better hitting technique.
  • Quick visit with Trainer to see will be limited in practice because of physical issues.
  • Practice.
  • Brief talk with Team about priorities with a busy weekend of conference matches, recruits and college campus happenings.
  • Talked with Trainer, talked with Assistant about practice, player evaluations and to-do list for tomorrow and weekend.
  • Explained NCAA/Conference Eligibility form to be filled out by late walk-on player and explained Federal Tax paperwork to international student.
10:00 p. Left gym for home

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