August 30, 2010

NCAA Division II Volleyball Question

Hello, I am starting DII Volleyball and I just wanted to know how expensive DII Volleyball can be? I don't want to commit to something, only to find it is too costly my first year of college. I am going to start college next year - V.K.

College attendance costs are posted on college websites and I would hope that a search of the institutional web pages should lead you to the different cost components of attending school. One thing to remember is that many schools will list something called Cost of Attendance - This is roughly everything and the kitchen sink to call yourself a Lion, or Warrior or Choo Choo Train; tuition, fees, books, room, board, pens, pencils, insurance, detergent, toothpaste, everything to be at/in/around college.

In terms of NCAA Volleyball, this is a question for your coach and DON'T be afraid to ask it. ASK what is covered by the program - Find out exactly the scholarship or financial support being offered (remember that DII is an Equivalency Sport that can be funded up to 8 full scholarships, and per protocol, academic, merit and need based aid is allowed), ask what equipment is provided by the team (do you have to get your own active ankles?), what about travel costs, who does the laundry, is there any additional insurance needed? These are questions your coach should and must have the answers too - This is our job and it is our responsibility to provide answers.

It always drives me nuts to hear feedback and witness coaches who do two things; 1) Don't take responsibility for knowing this information and just blow it off, or feign ignorance, or pretend it is part of the SA's transition to figure this out; 2) Act like the budget is their own money and become defensive or accusative when inquires are made about costs.

Back to your question - Depending upon how well or not well the DII volleyball program is funded, some costs of participation could be placed upon the players. For instance, the program may only be able to provide one pair of shoes, or they can't afford sport bras, or when they travel, they can only afford one meal a day. Or, they may provide everything needed for training and competing.

Please understand that I am only throwing out possible examples and this exact information is held by your coach. Just ask and EXPECT an answer.

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