August 16, 2010

College Volleyball Success Story

I received this email from a VolleyDad and I wanted to share it with our readers because it is a good thing!

First of all let me say thank you for you candid and excellent advice,
observations, plans and random thoughts. I have been
reading..okay..studying your blog for two plus years. All I can say is,

My daughter is a 5'10 MB/RS who's first year of club was after freshman
year. In order to save $$$ she played for a upstart club with coaches
with very little experience. Needless to say she learned very little
except how to lose. The next year I robbed Peter to pay Paul and she
went to Super Duper Club, learned a lot and improved. This past club
season she decided not to play, instead running track and field (as she
previously did in Jr. High).

I know most parents have warped evaluations
of their kids talent or ability; I on the other hand would be the
complete opposite. She's was moved to Middle at club Sub Par out of
necessity and has stayed there until this year, her Sr. year, moving to
RS. (She's lefty) At this point in her development she is not a DI
player as she has a lot of work to do fundamentally. However she is a
superb athlete with skill, just not DI skill. I said all of that to
say this; I really thought that her not playing club Junior year would
really put us behind in the recruiting process.

We followed your plan, kept an open mind and pursued what we thought would
be a good fit for her athletically and (w)holistically. We must have emailed/provided
video to 300 plus schools on the DII, Juco and NAIA levels. Being that I
personally went through this process from a basketball perspective
allowed me to weed out the lukewarm, mild, and definitely interested
schools so that we wouldn't waste time and energy.

Your blog has been so informative and so precise that I am proud to say that my
daughter has been offered and she has verbally committed (I know how you feel about
the early commitment) to a top notch Juco VB program (very well funded
too, I may add) in one of the better NJCAA VB conferences in the
country. Your advice gave me all the info I needed to ask education
questions and for my daughter to make an educated decision as it
pertains to Volleyball PSA's.

She now can concentrate on enjoying her Senior yr and all that being
a Senior brings. I could go on and on about the time, effort, $$ and overall
experience. It was very enlightening to say the least, but with your assistance
it was all worth it.


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