July 2, 2010

Recruiting Trip Randomness

I am not one of those college coaches who recruits during the day and parties during the night - After wandering aimlessly around a convention center and having performed the "smile and nod" 1,348 times, all I want to do is go back to my very quiet room and veg out. In fact, most of the time, I get my dinner to go and eat it while in zone out mode.

Post tourney zone out is a combination of reading the USA Today and surfing through the multitude of hotel cable television channels. Which brings me to some very random observations about recruiting/life/travel:

1. I have two favorite hotel room locations and one "never" location - Top spots are the top floor corner room and bottom floor corner room. Top floor corner room is obvious enough, but the bottom floor corner room is good because hardly anyone wants to be on the bottom floor and the majority of guests enter at the main lobby, not the sides. The Never Room is next to the elevators - sounds like a rock concert at 2 in the morning when you want sleep quiet.

2. The 'new' Dominos Pizza is garlic overload. I swear that no vampires will be in my personal space anytime soon!

3. How did we land a man on the moon and return that dude back to earth in 1969? That is over 40 years ago!! 40 years!!! I was watching an old television show in my hotel room from the early 70's and to think we put a man on the moon before this was filmed is nuts. Just look at the cars they drove back then and translate that into going to the moon - Computers were the size of condos!!! With 800 gigabyte iphones and scrap metal, I should be able to build my own lunar module this weekend!

4. I believe that Dirty Dancing has been shown on television 4 million times - Every time I travel, I know that some channel will show Dirty Dancing.

5. Absolutely do not accept a rental car that is not perfect - There is always something that is not stained, not smelly, not claustrophobic; all you have to do is go back and get another one.

6. I have a bad habit of thinking that if I go around the horn just one more time on the remote control, I will find a show/movie that is good. This behavior inevitably leads to not getting to sleep at a decent time and having to mainline coffee to look halfway coherent in the morning.

7. Speaking of smelly; if you can't switch out of a stale room, then break open the complimentary coffee and drop some into the corners (hopefully the smell of coffee does not bother you) - I will take about any other smell than stale or chemical/cleaner smell and coffee seems to do the trick for me (and the housekeeping service just vacuums it up post visit).

8. Somehow fruit has become an endangered species at breakfasts. I don't stay at the Ritz, but I do stay at the larger, upper end chains and finding more than one type of fruit or ripe fruit is challenge - Come on, how hard is it in July!!!! I am trying to eat good, I am trying to lead the healthy life and the pastries have staged a coup to rule the breakfast offerings!

I gotta get back home or this recruiting trip will send me to therapy!

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