July 20, 2010

collegevolleyballcoach.com update

Because of my day job (recruiting, camps, looking fabulous), I will not be writing too much on the website for the next couple of weeks.

Once August rolls around, I will be able to get back up to speed with posting material on the website. A number of readers have sent in questions which I have in the Que to be answered - There are some good questions waiting. I also encourage anyone to e-mail me questions about college volleyball et al - I will get to them in August, along with my usual thoughts and rants.

LASTLY (before I log off) - I am starting to accept advertisers on the site and move away from the Ads by Google (adsense) which currently appear. If you happen to be the CEO of a company, or a Director of Marketing, or one of the VP's of Nike (gotta go for the kill!) or maybe just someone who has money to burn and would like to put your face/logo/foot/first pet on the collegevolleyball.com website, please contact me through through collegevolleyballcoach@gmail.com to receive information about the limited opportunities for signage on the site.

Thanks for your support and the support of volleyball - Have a great July!

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