June 4, 2010

Vacation Report

After some glorious days of vacation (with checking work emails and text messages a few times a day - seriously, there really is no vacation from coaching), below are supremely important observations:

  • Along with fire, the wheel, electricity and the microchip, I nominate spray sun block to the invention hall of fame. My hope is that the next generation of spray sun block will be administered by some Avatar like creature flying around our bodies so we don't even have to get a tad of unwanted lotion on our finger!
  • No movie or television show ever created can compare to searching for sea shells at sundown with your family.
  • Wearing a hat or visor in the pool is key to keeping everyone from crazy face redness - All the sun block washes off and then the sun bounces up from the water; go with a wide brimmed hat/visor!
  • Tropical drinks do taste better at the beach.
  • I have not figured out why (maybe there is a meteorologist reading this?), but I have always found the beach air 'soft' - Hard to explain, but it just feels better on my skin.
  • Having some afternoon thunderstorms does not seem as ponderous when you are at the beach - If anything, it is the beach gods saving your skin from burning.
  • For me, a beach vacation mandate is to try to find a place without people. Watching the Travel Channel and their beach shows where the sand is packed with humanity is not for me - Call me the minimalist Beacher. Even the Ritz Carlton, with unreal service, would make my skin crawl if it was crammed with people.
  • I hear the distant sound of whistles and high pitched voices; it is either seagulls or my next recruiting trip!
  • In my youth, I did not understand, but now, having a pool at the beach is critical!
  • Nothing feels quite as clean, as taking a shower after a long day at the beach.
  • The 'drama' of Real Housewives of Wherever have nothing on any college volleyball team.
  • Much easier to run on the beach closer to the water than away - I prefer the outbound in the deep sand and the return near the ocean!!!
  • A cool thing about fishing in the ocean or bay, is that you really don't know what you are going to catch! In a pond or river, you are fairly certain you are landing a trout or bass, but in the ocean.....?

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