May 31, 2010


I am on vacation....Taking some time before the craziness of recruiting and camps ramp back up, and then before we know it, the season is upon us.

As the year's of my coaching career roll by, I realize that May/June are a wonderful time span (pre-AAU's and Nationals). I might venture that the Holiday times are better because the college volleyball season is over and the Holidays represent family and a recruiting Dead Period - Love those NCAA Division Women's Volleyball Recruiting Dead Periods!

Where do I vacation, you may ask? I am a beach person. For some reason the ocean and beach calm my mind. I have a tendency to talk to myself and to verbally work through the issues of collegiate coaching (meetings with AD's, meetings with players, pre-game speeches, explaining items to athletic department people which I am astounded I have to explain but being politically correct I can't say, "are you serious?"). I sit in my car, I walk around campus, I meander through the day and keep having these 'conversations' with myself while I prepare for eventual meetings or situations. I think it has helped in events which I can predict, but in other instances, I must look like someone a bit strange talking to themselves!

The ocean air must have some ions or isotopes or sodium or something which shuts down my professional brain. I am still trying to figure out what I think about near the sea, because I can't remember thinking about college volleyball when I am looking at the ocean. Maybe I think about the clouds or my family or the color of the water - It is just a college volleyball mental shut down.

Do I live near the beach? Unfortunately not. Have I applied for head coaching positions with colleges/universities located in a beach town? Yes, yes and yes. The challenge is that these 'beach' positions do not open up all to often. The UCLA women's job just opened up after like a 150 years with one head coach!!! Coach Shoji at Hawaii still looks 35 years old. As an aside, how many total applications will be received by UH when Dave finally retires? It will be like the Powerball - The odds are not good, but why not send in a resume to see if you could hit the jackpot of all beach volleyball cities.

Maybe it is that old saying, 'the wanting is better than the having'. Maybe.

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