April 30, 2010

Say What?

Things a Division I football coach never hears:
  • That hotel is too expensive to stay in.
  • The game time will be moved so we can accommodate other sports with competitions on Saturday.
  • We don't have the budget to fill out your coaching staff.
  • Are your players happy?
  • I don't know if we are going to be able to fund summer school.
  • You can only buy one pair of shoes.
  • Did you take a vacation day when you were not in the office last Friday?
  • You can pick up the vans at the airport counter.
  • The hotel's continental breakfast will be just fine for your team.
  • You share a secretary with another sport.
  • You share a trainer with another sport.
  • You share a strength coach with another sport.
  • You share anything with another sport.
  • You are terminated with no severance package.
  • Sorry, there is no courtesy car provided for you.
  • This is not a contract position; it is a one year employment agreement.
  • The money you raised will need to all go into the general fund.
  • Will you move your training time so the band can practice on the field?
  • Your budget spending is frozen for the remainder of the fiscal year.
  • NO.

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