April 13, 2010

Keep Your Eye on the Ball - Don't Panic

Just a note to thank you for all your input to girls volleyball. Its enjoyable to
read your comments and facts.
Don't Panic, how true:

Our DD, a non committed senior did every thing possible starting her jr. year
in high school, i.e. emails, game film, etc. Many schools responded with interest
but as time when on they would fall of the list . Her dream was to go to a highly
competitive volleyball school, with the academic she was interested in.

As time when bye (after her high school season and into club season) a few schools showed up on
the radar. After a few official visits to schools that were not competitive enough for her she continued to make calls, checking web sites for info such as transfers, etc.

Finally in the past two weeks a few hits from competitive schools she called started to pay off. After her last two official visits (4th and 5th) she will sign her national letter on intent this Wednesday, April 14th.

So volleyball parents and your DD, as the coach has stated DON'T PANIC. Do your homework, MAKE THE CALLS, and more than likely you DD dream will come true. - C.P.

I am glad to hear that everything worked out and the PSA found the school for her future.

I just want to, again, encourage parents and PSA's to keep working on the recruiting process, to keep an open mind towards possibilities and to enjoy just playing this great game of volleyball. As we continue into the month of April, don't be afraid to explore the JC avenue, if a PSA feels (and has been told) she has the ability to play NCAA Volleyball. Sometimes things just don't break your way, but the JC avenue allows for one to two years of collegiate training and the opportunity to garner that 4 year school spot which was just not meant to be the first go around!


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