April 5, 2010

DON'T PANIC - Recruiting 2011

I wanted to throw this headline out to get folks calmed down with the 2011 recruiting class. As of late, I have been receiving calls/e-mails from 2011 parents/PSA's who are stressed hard about receiving a scholarship offer.

My statement, DON'T PANIC, is based upon the reality that there are still 2010 PSA's entertaining offers from NCAA Division I and Division II schools in April, right now. I know because I am still recruiting this class and I am not the only school doing so; my PSA's are sharing information about how such and such program called them last week with a late scholarship opening! If NCAA coaches are still active in the 2010 class, then there is plenty of action left for the 2011 class.

Unfortunately, this is the silly season for the Junior class of high school. A bunch of PSA's have committed to scholarship offers from name brand schools and the remaining PSA's/families start to get a bit jittery. Do not get pulled into this mob mentality about scholarships - Yes, some specific school may be done with their 2011 recruiting efforts, but there are a ton of schools still active.

Now is the time to stay current and aggressive with your communication - Don't hesitate to send out update e-mails, to inform college coaches of new video tape available to view, to confirm your remaining club schedule. All of us crazy college coaches are juggling a few balls this time of year, so having another e-mail from a potential recruit can only help - For example, just today I received an e-mail from a 2011 player which reminded me I need to see her play in the next Qualifier. Just one of those things where I have so much on my plate, that her particulars had escaped me with our recruiting efforts.

Don't Panic - Keep Working to Achieve Your Goals!

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