March 7, 2010

Volleyball Passing E-mail

Such a good e-mail that it deserves its own post!

DD is class of 2011, so feel free to reply/comment………

Just wanted to say how much I appreciate your blog. I’m so happy to see it back. We’ve learned a great deal from it.

Your last post had a comment regarding passing skills (or lack thereof). Having been in the club world for the last 7 years, I’ve seen this scenario played out many times.

It goes something like this

6’ OH: “Coach, I really think I need to work on my passing.”

Coach: “No, no….you need to work on closing the blocks, passing is taken care of.”

6’ OH: “But I’m only passing a .80……I really think I need to work on this.”

Coach: “We’re going to have 5’7” sub in for you in the back row, don’t worry about it.”

6’ OH: “But she’s an OH too.”

Coach: “That doesn’t matter; she’s 5’7”. That means back row.”

6’ OH: “Her kill stats are the same as mine.”

Coach: “I know, but she can’t block like you.”

6’ OH: “True, and she does pass a 2.5……..”

Coach: “And no D1 coach is going to look at her for an OH position……she’s too short.”

6’ OH: “Great, that’s a relief…..I’ll work on the block and let the short ones worry about passing………”


So, consequently, many of the “elite” players are never taught basic passing skills since their job is to be the marquee player. Too bad most of the “Open” level teams (just like HP tryouts, and upper level colleges) won’t look at the 5’7” for even a back row position. They’re all about their rosters saying their shortest player is their 5”11” Setter.

This isn’t sour grapes, DD (who, yes, is 5’7”) has a great starting OH club position, and will (hopefully, looks pretty good) have her college offer this spring. I’ve just seen many clubs follow the “taller is better” philosophy. Unfortunately, these then are the girls who get seen by the D1 coaches on the Open courts, when some of the better all-around players are relegated to the Club courts because the Open teams wouldn’t look at them during tryouts.

Just my two-cents……………


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