February 6, 2010

Ramblings on a Saturday

Some random thoughts on a Saturday:

  • University of Southern California Football program committed a 13 year old quarterback - I think there should be a NCAA rule that if you can't get a drivers license that you cannot make a college commitment. I think I hear NCAA legislation coming.....
  • This has been the year of Assistant Coach candidates landing Head Coaching positions - I don't think I have ever seen a hiring season which has resulted in so many assistants securing Head Coach positions. By my count, only one DI Head Coach vacancy was filled by a current Head Coach, who happened to be a DII Head Coach.
  • With all due respect to the newly hired individuals (and I do wish them the best of success), it makes you wonder about the focus of administrators who are hiring for programs that are in obvious turn-around or building situations in highly rated conferences, yet they hire candidates who are not current Head Coaches, much less coaches with demonstrated success turning programs around.
  • Me thinks that economics and name of power conference school, played a major role in this year's hiring process.
  • Spring Season Volleyball is gaining enjoyment in my world; ability to interact and coach my players without the stress of the season, do a bit of recruiting, and enjoy a life outside of volleyball but still during the hustle and bustle of the academic year.
  • If hitting cross court is not working in Club Volleyball, then I can promise you that hitting cross court in College Volleyball is not going to work either!
  • Was doing a bit of reading the sports pages and it will take an Act of Congress before Division I Power Conference school Presidents give up the BCS Bowl System - They only have the share the revenue with the conference members and don't have to have the money run through the NCAA.
  • I honestly believe that Women's Volleyball is the perfect illustration of the good in collegiate athletics, yet the masses have no idea we exist! For example, I received an Title IX equity survey request from an Ivy League school and when the part came to note my sport, women's volleyball was not even among the 14 choices and this survey was from two female professors!!!
  • Administrators love shoes - If you have extra shoes from year's past, get them off the shelf and onto the feet of those higher up. It sounds simple, but it is a nice gesture which is appreciated.
Hope your Sunday is as good as my Saturday!

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