February 17, 2010

Questions from Readers

VolleyFolks - A couple of things with regards to Questions.

1. I have received a few questions via the Comments section of a post. Because the Comment comes in via an Anonymous link, I have no way to respond to a question via the person's e-mail. Because of a back log of questions (I actually do have a day job!), I like to shoot back a quick confirmation that I received a question and when I hope to get an answer up on the web.

So, if you have a Question (I hope the person who sent me a Comment with a question today is reading this), please e-mail me directly at collegevolleyballcoach@gmail.com so I can work on it for you.

2. Just confirming once again, that when you do send in a Question, please remember the NCAA rules I follow - I cannot respond to e-mails from players/families who have entered high school but have not reached September 1st of their Junior Year. Also, I cannot respond to players/families who are current NCAA athletes.

If you shoot me a question, please make sure you note if what year your daughter is high school/Junior College or if this does not apply to you.

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