January 20, 2010

NCAA Clearinghouse Question

My daughter is a 2010 h.s. grad that will walk on 1st year but has full scholarship for yrs 2-4 at a D1 university. We are trying to complete the Clearinghouse section that asks the following question:
Since turning 14 years old have you practiced or played with any women's volleyball team other than a U.S. High School team?
Does this include club ball? My take was club ball was considered "girls" and not "women's", and the question was asking about practice with a college or other than club type of team. Anyway, she does play club ball and we are wondering how to answer this one.


Yes, this question does include club volleyball.

The NCAA is just trying to make sure that when high school age athletes play on teams that are not high school based (Club Volleyball, AAU Basketball, Church Softball, etc), that the players are not getting 'scholarships' to play or paid to play on certain teams - this has been a problem in year's past with elite level AAU men's basketball teams.

Because of the growth of USA Junior Club volleyball, along with the continued interest in international players coming to the USA to play college volleyball, the NCAA is trying to keep a handle on determining what is an amateur athlete. The definitions seem to be in flux, but the basic concept is that someone or organization is not paying for your athletic services before you get to college (so we can pay for your athletic, uh, I mean student-athlete services!).

Just answer yes to the question and there might be follow up questions on a later segment, but you don't have to worry about any negative ramifications with the NCAA Clearinghouse. There is nothing illegal about playing on a club team, the NCAA is just doing their job to cover the bases.

It is so much better to just answer questions as they appear and not over think what is being asked. The NCAA Clearinghouse will often 'fine-tune' a question on later yearly paperwork when it realizes a clarity change must be made.

If there is any issue or concerns, the NCAA will just send you another e-mail asking you to re-answer the question or clarify. Again, the NCAA is not trying 'catch' people in mistakes, they are just trying their best to manage what must be a huge beast of information!

Just remember, that this Clearinghouse is nothing compared to the forests of paperwork still to come with being a NCAA Athlete - We do love to use paper!

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