December 18, 2009

Recruiting Tape

Hi I'm Bridget, a junior in high school and i have been asked to send in a skills tape to a college for the Libero position. What all should i put in to this tape? And should i put a little game film in it to show how i work with others on the court and how i talk?

Thanks for your time.

During the Quiet/Dead Period of the recruiting calendar, I have all the time in the world!!! In fact, I can finally get some stuff done around the house which I have been stalling out for way too long - much more fun to watch video than check off the 'to do' list!!

I should have a post or two under the label 'Recruiting Tape/Video' on the left side bar on the opening page. This should have some general guidelines for making a skills tape along the lines which college coaches wish to view.

The Libero/Defensive Specialist and Setter are positions which can be difficult to capture a true perspective of ability on tape. With hitters it is easy to see how high they jump, how long the broad jump, the armswing, etc., but with Liberos the skills levels are not as clear. For instance, anyone can look like a great passer to target while taking free balls. Defensively, a player can look like a Japanese skill's demonstration if the ball is hit easily and from a box.

What I suggest you do is put way too much video of your abilities on the tape. If you have been asked to submit video footage, then the school is interested and better to have too much money than not enough!!

Some suggestions specific to the Libero position:

1. Passing - Make sure you have one segment where the camera is tight on you; this will allow coaches to get a good look at your platform, body position and arm movement.

2. Passing - Make sure you have one segment where the camera is from behind the server - this allows for perspective to how tough the serve is; this also allows for a deeper view of your court movement.

3. Make sure you show passing in all three serve receive positions - College coaches know (and other coaches for that matter) that some players statistically pass better in different parts of the court. The Libero must demonstrate the ability to pass great in all parts of the court.

4. Defense - Tight shot to show body position and movement.

5. Defense - Behind the hitter to show deeper perspective on court movement.

6. Defense - Be sure to show all the movements to the ground; sprawl, shoulder roll, barrel roll, j-dig, overhead dig.

7. Defense - Dig balls from every attack option - Left front, middle attacks, right front and back row defense.

Then, I do think it would be good to splice in a fair amount of edited game action defense - I say edited because you might as well make it easier for us way to busy and self important college coaches to watch your tape. Live action will illustrate your cover ability, your over-all court movement and your support/energy with team mates.

Again, with your position, too much tape is better than not enough - Just make sure it is focused and to the point!!

Good luck!


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