December 22, 2009

New NCAA Volleyball Rules ;-)

Since this is the time of Holiday Wishes, I wish for these rules to be adopted by the still unknown powers that be with regards to NCAA Volleyball rules:
  • No more NCAA Playing Rule changes/additions for the next 10 years - Leave it alone!
  • Obtaining/exchanging match tape is not allowed - Let's play 'blind'.
  • Should a school's men's and women's basketball teams have a director of operations, the volleyball team must have one also.
  • If a player arrives on campus with a nicer car than the coach, then the coach drives this car until the player graduates.
  • NCAA Volleyball players are exempt from the TSA rule limiting carry on liquids to 3 ounces on airplanes.
  • Once a coach has heard the same pre-match song 25 times, this song is banned from further use at any matches.
  • The FIVB has no interest in NCAA Volleyball and NCAA Volleyball will have NO interest in the FIVB.
  • Each volleyball student-athlete will have the opportunity to play in front of 5,000 or more fans.
  • College coaches should only be allowed to attend the Friday and Saturday play of a three day tournament.
  • All Elite 8 matches must be on a traditional network (ABC, NBC, CBS or FOX) or ESPN/ESPN2.
  • That Referee evaluation forms are actually applied to the assigning of referees for college matches.
  • All referees must have playing experience at some level.
  • That at all times, football and basketball coaches must display better behavior towards volleyball student-athletes than their players.
  • That all members of the NCAA Division I Volleyball Committee have volleyball playing experience at some level.
  • No more NCAA Volleyball Playing Rule Changes....oh, I already said this.
  • A college coach must have actually won a NCAA Championship before they can walk around club tournaments acting as such.
  • Assistant coaches are provided a magical mute button for when the head coach starts to wig out.
  • Volleyball coaches have the right to disappear from campus at the conclusion of the season for an undefined amount of time, like the football coaches do.
  • The phrase, "Student Athlete Experience" is never used again.
  • All Athletic Directors must have been collegiate student athletes or college coaches at one time. To be exempt from this rule, an Athletic Director must have school age children (high school or younger).
  • That there be equal treatment of male and female student-athletes.....hey, isn't this already a Law of the United States of America?
I am allowed to Dream a Little Dream.


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