May 21, 2009

Vacation Time - Maybe?

I have started a new poll on the right side bar of the site - This one about what Volleyfolks will do on their vacations.

My previous post was which 'championship' event players would be attending this year. I was surprised by the limited number of votes for the AAU's and VolleyFest. This could be more of a readership issue than a reflection about the merits or attractiveness of the tournaments. But still, I was expecting a bit more balance between all four events.

Back to Vacation Time - Maybe? May is rather nice time for volleyball coaches because spring season is over, qualifiers are over, recruiting is in a Dead Period, semester classes are done or nearly so and the championship events have not commenced. A number of college coaches try to grab some off time during the segment from the end of semester classes to the start of the June volleyball events.

I would think the same premise exists for families and club coaches, but a much smaller window. On the belief that qualifiers are done, regional championships are concluded and summer plans have been coordinated, with high schools letting out for class in late May. This would lead to an opportunity for a vacation frame from late May to mid'ish June (depending on your championship event).

The other opportunity which I could see existing for families is post championship events which might open up a 3 week window from early July to August 1st (when school practices would start). For college coaches, this vacation window is there, but camps, recruiting, administrative details before the team reports for practice the first week of August tends to make this down time not so down.

I have learned to make an effort to create a number of vacation or mental off days after the July camp, recruiting, details craziness. In the past, I got myself in trouble by going into the season with my gas tank empty - Starting a college volleyball year tired is not the best choice.

For the scientific approach to this poll, we will pretend that everyone associated with the greatest sport on earth can capture 2 weeks for vacation. To that end, what will you do with your vacation. Please vote on the right side bar.

For instance, I am on a vacation time frame now, but still doing volleyball stuff; this will end all too soon as June comes to say hello.