April 2, 2009

Thursday Thoughts on Volleyball (mostly)

I need to again purge those thoughts bouncing around in my head:

  • Some players just don't get it. "it" being things coaches are trying to do to make them better volleyball players. From telling them, to showing them, to filming them, to being nice, to being tough - Some players just don't have the ability to change and get better. In the end, all you can do is stay positive, maximize the talent they have and try not to put them in a position to hurt the team with the talent they don't have.
  • I wonder if I will ever have a press conference as a volleyball coach. Not that I would want one all the time like football and basketball coaches do, but one would be cool.
  • My goal is to be on ESPN SportsCenter. I have already been on one of the ESPN'ettes, but getting onto the main sports highlight program in the USA would be nice.
  • It amazes me the number of volleyball players who do not control their weight better. Our sport is just so focused on being explosive and quick and having stamina that to carry extra weight is counter productive; it reduces ability, it increases odds of injury and it limits a team's overall odds of being victorious. Other women's sports are not necessarily in this position and I would argue that pound for pound or inch for inch, women's volleyball players are the best athletes in women's sports.
  • Men over 30 should not wear designer blue jeans and wear shirts from Abercrombie - It just looks silly.
  • Mom-Dad, your daughter is 13 years old and her knee pads are wider than her leg - DO NOT worry about club volleyball, winning and the future. Just enjoy the fact your daughter looks VERY happy when she spikes the ball over the net, or makes a great dig to keep the rally alive. Look at her face, that is all you should worry about!
  • The economy will not affect the Big 3 sports no matter what is written or reported. Do you think Kentucky basketball was impacted by the economy? Coach Calipari's check will still cash out over 5 million times!!! That big sucking sound is ALL the fund raised money being shifted into basketball, basketball and football.
  • The Spring Season is the best season for coaches - Not too much travel, only 4 available dates, no pressure, ability to try different things on offense and defense, just enough money left to eat somewhere good and the knowledge that the arriving fall players will make you much better than you are now (in theory!).
  • I am glad we are not a Spring competition sport - I would be really working now and would not have the ability to enjoy the spring weather. My choice is to be inside during the change to winter as opposed to being inside in the change from winter. At least we can relax quite a bit over the Holidays instead of getting ramped up for the season.
  • In the latest poll results (right side bar) - I am genuinely surprised about the number of folks going to 3 or more National Qualifiers. I figure that one would be considered local, which means two (or more) would be travel situations. That is a lot of money to pay for Club Volleyball tournaments. As I have written, my last few 'big' tournament experiences via USA Volleyball have been lacking - nothing that really garnered a big time look and feel. It seems as if USA Volleyball and those associated with the tourneys are intent on squeezing as much revenue out of each situation (from parking to admission to 5 dollar bottles of water) - It has really become shallow in the feel for me.
That is all - Now I can enjoy the rest of my day and I hope you will enjoy yours.