January 25, 2008

Galen Center at USC - Top 5 Gym?

A comment from a reader about My Top 5 Volleyball Gyms.

Dear Coach,

I am a devout Bruin alum but I must admit that the Galen Center is the most beautiful place to watch volleyball. It should be on your list...


Unfortunately, I have only seen the Galen Center on television and driving by on the freeway (strangly enough there was no traffic, so I did not have the time to view it as long as one normally would) - but, from what I have seen, it looks like a first class facility.

The reason that I did not include it on my list is that I have not played or coached in the Galen Center - maybe one day I will and it would probably be on the Top 5 the next day.

On my list of gyms, I only included facilities that I have physically been involved with volleyball in some capacity. I have been in many gyms while killing time on a campus or being in a gym for another sport or event, but unless I have been doing something with a volleyball - I would not want to judge.

For instance, the Nebraska gym on television looks rather sharp - it is full of fans, the colors looks good, the floor is shiny, there is lots of excitement, but that is on television. Having been in the gym with volleyball, I was less than impressed and it is not in my Top 5.

I have been in more volleyball gyms that I would care to remember, but the ones I listed stood out because of the layout, the sightlines, the accoustics, the floor and the respect given to volleyball by the physical standard of the facility (clean gym, newer seats, nice locker rooms, etc.)

If any readers have their Top Gyms, please fire them off to me and I will get them up for all to see - Don't worry, not comments are allowed (too much negativity in the Internet world today!)