November 15, 2007

NCAA Early Signing Period - DO NOT WORRY

Division I and Division II Women's Volleyball is in the Early Signing Period - November 14th to November 21st. If you have received a National Letter of Intent (NLI) and have signed or will sign during the Early Signing Period - CONGRATULATIONS!

Remember, the NLI is a legally binding document that obligates the school and the volleyball player to each other, under the financial support terms listed on your NLI. Only under the most unique circumstances will a NLI be made void.

If you did not receive a NLI or you are not feeling too good about signing a NLI that you have in front of you - DO NOT WORRY.

This is the Early Signing Period - which means there will be a Late Signing Period. While it may look great to sign early, there are a significant number of quality volleyball players who make their choice of schools and sign their NLI during the Late Signing Period.

Currently, the college volleyball season is coming to a close. Because of this, many schools are gearing up for their final weekend of the year, going off to conference championships or training for post season competition. While recruiting is very important, this is also the peak of the crucial competition time span.

After this weekend, those programs that don't have the luxury of fielding a full allotment of assistant coaches and administrative support personnel, can move onto focusing on recruiting. Granted, while a number of NCAA DI and DII programs have extended NLI's and will sign their recruits, a great many of the schools have not. Even those schools that are extending offers during the early signing period, will hold a scholarship or two for the late signing period.

Once the season has finished, then coaches will be able to figure out exactly what they need for the next year. It is during the months of November and December, that the serious stuff happens. Athletic Directors hire and fire Head Coaches, Head Coaches resign or take new jobs, players decide to transfer or just be students, injuries to players are determined to be manageable or career ending - All of these things determine how many scholarships will be available for the Late Signing Period.

As a Prospective Student Athlete (PSA) and parent, if you did not receive a NLI, the best thing to do is focus on Junior Club Volleyball - get ready for the club season. Club Volleyball is where colleges will go to find their Late Signing Period recruits - if you are focused, talented and match the school to your given academic/athletic abilities, then you will be signing a NLI come next April!

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