November 7, 2007

Volleyball Christmas Wish List

Dear Santa:

I have been a good college volleyball coach this year - We had the best volleyball season in the history of the school, the players all seem to get along and have a good attitude, I give them plenty of time off to study and have a life outside of volleyball, and I have only received one red card this season.

For Christmas, I really want just one thing - I want the USA Women's Olympic Volleyball team to win a Gold Medal at the Beijing Games. I know I have to wait over 8 months for my present, but it is so important to me, that I will be patient.

For NCAA women's team sports, the success of the National teams in the Olympics has a significant positive impact upon the support for the corresponding college sport. For some reason, the only time that anyone gets to see any elite level women's volleyball repeatedly in prime time, major network, nationwide coverage is in the Olympics. When the team has a poor tournament, which has happened too often lately, our sport misses a great opportunity.

The USA Women's Soccer team and USA Softball team have done fantastic in the last few Olympics and those college sports have really surged in popularity and support. I am seeing more college softball (on ESPN prime time in fact) and college soccer than at any time that I can remember. I don't want to be negative, but I do not think these sports can compare to the speed and athleticism of college volleyball.

If our Women's Olympic Volleyball team can win in China, then we could enjoy a boost in college volleyball support. It has been so long since we got near a medal, that if we won the gold, a whole new generation of fans would be born. These fans would see just how physical the game is, just how athletic the players are, the intense emotion and best of all, the fans would be watching USA volleyball! This could be the foundation of increased popularity and support for college volleyball in the years to come.

Thank you for reading my letter Santa and I hope my wish will come true.

The Coach

PS - About that red card, I did not swear and it was the down official who gave it to me!

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