October 29, 2007


Such are the questions that have concerned folks since Day 1. But, don't worry, this site is not going to go THAT deep. For now, we will just start with "Why" am I doing this?

Two answers, 1) I wish to help players, parents and coaches by sharing the knowledge and experience that I have attained through 20 years of being deeply involved in this sport, 2) I wanted a venue to express some of the frustrations and concerns about the current state of college volleyball.

While providing information, I also want to answer any questions that readers may wish to ask about volleyball and post these questions/answers on this website. One of the problems that our sport faces, is a lack of useful communication and sharing of information.

Thank you for taking time to visit and please do not hesitate to e-mail me with questions (of which I will post answers to on the website) - collegevolleyballcoach@gmail.com

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